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Love is not a Game - Love Quote

Loving someone is so exciting, it will create wonderful things in your life. If you are in love, believe it or not, you inspired all everyday. All of your days is meaningful with the person you love, sometimes you can say to yourself that this day will not last.

Guys don't play other feelings, if you feel it sincere let make it serious. Love can create heart breaks and make your life meaningless if you don't valued it.

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Love and Crush - Love Quote

A handsome guy or a beautiful woman when first time of meeting and have something, you know that, we can't deny that beauty is one of the powerful asset of every individual. If you are handsome or beautiful be thankful for that. You can have a lot of friends and more.

Crushing to a beautiful woman or to handsome guy is always normal, but in terms of love, for me if you really love someone, whatever it will happen, beauty is not the measuring tool.

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For Boys & Girls Patama Quote

In this TAGALOG QUOTE, we can really see today that if you can see a handsome boy we can’t guaranteed that he a real man ever, same also with the girls. A boy loves a boy and a Girl loves a girl.

We can’t blame them with that kind of feeling they feel. They are happy with that, so let them do what they want.

But remember, Boys are for Girls and Girls are for Boys!

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Funny Quote - Same Feather

I know ANG IBA DYAN, in a laughing mode if they read this Funny Quote. True NAMAN DIBA? Birds LANG ANG MAY feather, so they are same birds. JEJEJE

SAKIT NANG TIYAN KO SA KATATAWA DITO. Even my neighbor laugh at me when I say it to her.

Although we have a small or big problem, TAWA PARIN TAYO, don’t be serious in the problem, because after that problem tomorrow will be an addition problem. I’m sure HINDI KA TITIGILAN NG PROBLEMA. jejejeje

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Malandi Patama Quote

I know that you are familiar with this quote, whether you are a boy or girl. Sometime we are not aware who are around us, if you are MALANDI kind of person, I’m sure that there are so many people looking at you and spear you at the back. We can’t deny that we’re not perfect, but we need to handle ourselves properly to make our image good to others.

Some of MALANDI never shock when you say it to them; instead they say you back, what is your PAKIALAM, if you want SUMABAY KA!

To ALL MALANDI, this is your RESBAK Quote:>>> Malandi RESBAK Quote

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Funny Malandi Quote - Just Follow Me!

We need to respect the right of others; we can’t judge the book by its cover. Every action we made has a purpose but we cannot escape consequences if whatever result it will be resulted. We don’t have the right to judge other; look yourself first before looking others mistake.

MALANDI you? Thinks first before anything else, who cares you and who loves you most. Let open your mind and be a positive thinker. Remember the people you will be hurt, KAMUTIN mo nalang ang KATI. JEJEJE

TAMA naman di ba? 

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Boys BANAT Love Quote - Serious

This Boys BANAT Love Quote is true TALAGA. ANG LALAKI MINSAN LANG MAGING SERYOSO YAN PERU MAY TAMA YAN! That is what we called a Precious Love, if you are a woman and experience this kind of love from your boyfriend, please PAG-INGATAN MO NAYAN!

For the woman, IPAKITA MO RIN SA KANYA NA you are serious in your relationship. Don’t be MALANDI to other boys out there. Stick to one and be loyal to your relationship PARA WALANG PROBLEMA, KAYO RIN ANG A-ANI NYAN in the future.


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For Boys Patama Quote - Stick to 1

A man is always a man. We can’t deny a true life as a man. In relationship, a man is always ahead compare to a woman. Getting 3 women at the same time is very easy, as a man, I really experience it. You know guys, if you can have 3 girlfriends at the same time, it so very exciting. You can say to yourself: AKO NA ANG PINAKA-MAGALING MAG DISKARTE.

But in the long run, you will realize that MALI PALA if NAHULI KA. All of them will disappear like a smoke and after that KWENTO NALANG ANG LAHAT!

One thing for sure, SERYOSO KA SA ISA! But because of our mistake, HINDI MO MAIPAGLALABAN ANG LOVE NA NYAN! Better lucks next time.

If you are boy, here is your BANAT Quote:>>> Boys BANAT Love Quote

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Move On Tagalog love quote

After a break up, somebody can’t move on easily, sometimes it takes a year to recover a certain situation. They rely their self in crying, not going in the outside, always looking far way but sometimes we think of it that out life never ends in that part. Let our self be happy and forget what the past is.

Just change your life with my vigor and positivity, just take it as a lesson, and simply charge to experience.

This tagalog love quote will you to not getting mad. Just enjoy your life!

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Perfect and real people love quote

Every individual in this world got mistakes in many aspects, shall we say in love. Many of the people wondering why people getting not in mind or in yourself when it comes to love. My simple answer to this is that we are merely human beings and when tempted by the temptation we can’t avoid. 

Guys, nobody’s perfect! May be those people who are perfect is not real. 

Even who you are, what career you have, whether you are professional, you can’t deny that you make mistakes. 

In relationship, trust and loyalty is recommended to avoid the temptation tempted your relationship. Be strong and always bear in mind, STICK TO ONE!

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